Couples Retreat with John and Julie Gottman


This small group retreat is designed to teach you research-based skills to enhance and strengthen your romantic relationship, whether you’ve been together for months or decades.  The skills you will learn are based on Dr. John Gottman’s more than 40 years of research on relationships, and Dr. Julie Gottman’s 45 years of clinical work with couples, families, and individuals.

In response to the needs of couples 20 years ago, we created couples workshops that integrated John’s scientific findings with storytelling, role-playing, teaching and exercises to help sustain couples’ relationships. We’ve held these workshops for nearly 50,000 couples who have come from all over the world to enhance their relationships.

But repeatedly we’ve been asked, “How about offering something much smaller and more private?”

We invite you to a very special 2-day private retreat focusing on what makes love last. There will be a small group of couples at this exclusive retreat, which will allow for plenty of individualized, special attention from us. We hope you will be able to join us so we can share with you the tried-and-true ways to strengthen your friendship, deepen your understanding of one another, and spice up your intimacy. You’ll learn the nuts-and-bolts of conflict management so you can build solid bridges between you.

You’ll gain the skills to transform inevitable relationship conflicts into constructive problem solving and warmer understanding that can draw you closer to one another. And you’ll unearth the values and life purpose you share. You’ll hear lectures, but funny ones. You’ll do relationship exercises, but only with your partner. And you’ll receive individual and personal attention from us.

Who Should Attend

Research on relationships shows that, on average, couples wait six years from the early signs of distress before they seek help. If your relationship is troubled, this weekend retreat will provide you with a road map for repair. If your relationship is already strong, this retreat will give you insights and tools to make it great.

In-Person Retreats~ for fully vaccinated couples:  $8,950

  • Sept 25-26 (waitlist)
  • Oct 16-17 (waitlist)

Online Retreats:  $4,500

  • Aug 21-22
Next Available Retreat:

August 21-22 Virtual weekend

What You Will Learn

  • How to: Deepen respect, affection and closeness to one another
  • How to: Build a greater understanding of each other’s inner landscape

  • How to: Repair past hurts

  • How to: Keep conflict discussions calm and constructive

  • How to: Break through and convert gridlocked conflict into compassionate dialogue

  • How to: Strengthen and sustain the gains in your relationship